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Cold Weather Concreting Bubble Sheet

Curing bubble sheet of cold weather concreting, JUNGWON GLOBAL’s cold weather concrete curing bubble sheet!!


Cold Weather Concreting Bubble Sheet

Nowadays, the modern buildings require various construction technologies and development of new materials as they are becoming taller, larger and complex. Especially, the high-rise buildings are putting greater emphasis on construction period, often requiring year-round construction and cold weather concreting is ever needed more. When the concrete is filled during the winter season, there are chances of early-frost damage due to freezing of concrete, which followed by strength degradation due to the delay in congelation and solidification. To resolve such problems, additional measures such as heat insulation curing and strength adjustment at the time of blending planning, yet this may cause the deterioration of concrete. So often, constructors avoid filling the concrete during the winter season.

Up to now, the methods applied are using more cold resistant substance and anti-freezing materials to lower the freezing temperature in relation to the construction. However, the current methods are expensive and high in chloride content. As such, many alternative methods such as using heat insulation curing, firewood, brown coals, heaters, jet heater and other heaters are used. But they are uneconomical and carrying the risk of fire. The heat insulation curing method is widely used in advanced foreign countries and researches are widely conducted in ways to concrete curing with hydration heat of the structure to demonstrate the required strength. Therefore, it is a necessary task to consider the heat insulation curing method by utilizing the hydration heat of the concrete in order to vitalize the cold weather concrete curing in Korea.

Cold weather concrete curing bubble sheet

Prevent early-frost damage and minimize the construction period and resolve the concrete deterioration problem.
Now, it is indeed a must-have material on construction sites!!

Recommend to you confidently with the technological expertise of JUNGWON GLOBAL

1) The curing bubble sheet is produced with a standard size of 2m x 50m (error 2 ~ 3%) rolls.

2) You can apply about 100 hebee to one roll.

3) Shipping and VAT are separate. Shipping cost will be determined according to the size of the car according to the order quantity and distance to the destination.

4) In case of special production besides standard product, please contact us.


Order Form

1. Call recipient name, telephone number, fax number
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6. Cure Bubble Sheet Quantity


There were requests from the site to plan the curing by using regular bubble wrap sold in warehouses and online, although our product is patented as being precisely developed for mass and cold weather concreting purpose.

We are neither liable nor responsible to give an technical advice for any frost damages and deterioration of the concrete caused by using any regular bubble wraps. Moreover, this product is patented as the New Technology no. 660, and any unauthorized use and sales are to be legally responsible for.


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