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HOT Weather Concreting Bubble Sheet

JUNGWON GLOBAL’s hot weather concrete curing bubble insulation sheet!


hot weather concrete curing bubble insulation sheet

It is difficult to determine the proper timing to use the hot weather concrete, but usually concrete deteriorate in its quality when the temperature exceeds 30℃. So it is common to prepare for construction with the hot weather concrete when the daily average temperature exceeds 25℃. As the temperature rises, the concrete temperature rise as well, causing slump loss during transport, entrained air loss, cold joint, cracks due to the rapid surface moisture evaporation and temperature cracks. Therefore, special countermeasures must take place in handling the material, mixing, transporting and curing to lower the concrete temperature.

What is concrete curing?

This means to prevent the placed concrete from low temperature, dryness, extreme weather change, and protect from the vibration, damages, and weight during solidification. During the curing, it is very important to keep the wet condition in the initial state because dryness in the early stage of placement may cause plastic shrinkage cracks, insufficient hydration effect to maximize the long-age strength of concrete, deteriorate the durability of the structure in sum.

hot weather concrete curing bubble insulation sheet

The product is made of the air sheet and PE materials formed by 1PE SHEET having a smooth surface and 2PE SHEET adhering. And a finish sheet adhered to the air cap, wherein the air sheet and the finish sheet are adhered by thermosetting and the edges are finished with heat treatment sealing. It is a curing sheet for hot weather concrete, which maximizes the reflectivity by adhering aluminum coated film to the surface.

- It can prevent plastic shrinkage cracks due to a sudden drying in the hot weather exceeding 30℃.
- It can prevent contraction cracks caused by shrinkage of concrete during shrinkage after solidifying, enable good quality surface curing.
- Superior heat insulation and heat reflection, excellent usability and construction capacity.
- Enable construction period reduction and construction cost minimization, highly economical as it can be reused 6 to 7 times.
- 100% RECYCLE is possible. Expected to build environmentally friendly reputation for the corporation.

1) The curing bubble sheet is produced with a standard size of 2m x 50m (error 2 ~ 3%) rolls.

2) You can apply about 100 hebee to one roll.

3) Shipping and VAT are separate. Shipping cost will be determined according to the size of the car according to the order quantity and distance to the destination.

4) In case of special production besides standard product, please contact us.


Order Form

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There were requests from the site to plan the curing by using regular bubble wrap sold in warehouses and online, although our product is patented as being precisely developed for mass and cold weather concreting purpose.

We are neither liable nor responsible to give an technical advice for any frost damages and deterioration of the concrete caused by using any regular bubble wraps. Moreover, this product is patented as the New Technology no. 660, and any unauthorized use and sales are to be legally responsible for.


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